Senior Software Engineer • Feb, 2014 — Jun 2015 (remote)

At Lexiful I was the senior software engineer and we built an automated platform that coordinated translation work. The software received documents to be translated from customers and then using machine learning algorithms, it routed the document through translators of different expertise and rate, in order to achieve the minimal cost but also make it for the deadline. It's like translation manager & coordinator as a service! During my time at Lexiful, I became more mature and learned how to solve problems, rather than merely applying technical solutions. I also built the entire stack, running on AWS using OpsWorks.

Photiq: Mobile e-commerce SF based startup

Software Engineer • Jul, 2013 — Jan, 2014 (remote)

At Photiq we built a platform for small shop owners to easily sell their products online. There I Designed the backend infrastructure and implemented the API from zero to launch. Every part of the stack was engineered to be linearly scalable and highly available.


Analytics platform architect & developer • Jun, 2012 — May, 2013 (remote)

Designed and implemented the analytics platform that is being used by mobile application developers, for SlideMe the biggest alternative android market.


University of Crete

Bachelor degree in Computer Science • 2008 — 2012

1st university in Greece, 145th out of the top 400 universities in the world (as ranked by the The Times Higher Education).


Node.js Contributions

I started with node in the early days of v0.2 or so, and was active in the community and became proficient on it while working at Photiq. I even contributed a minor bug fix.

Passbookster - iOS passbook library for Node.js

While working at Photiq we wanted to make use of iOS Passbook in order to serve receipts to customers. At the time no library existed for it, so I wrote one which used OpenSSL underneath and open sourced it. Since then many companies have used it to integrate Node.js with iOS Passbook.

Assurance - Input validation library for Node.js

I was getting fed up with all the validation libraries for node at the time, and decided to build a new one. The goal was to allow easy validation for common use cases, but also be flexible for custom validation. No form input or any other integration. Just do one thing and do it well. I am really happy with the result!

node-openex - Web API client for openexchangerates.org

Wanted to get live currency rates for a side project and there wasn't any library available for node to do that. Went on and wrote an open source client for the openexchangerates.org API for Node.js.


Problem Solving

Define a problem, divide in sub-problems, generate multiple solutions, evaluate and decide, design ultimate solution, implement.

Technical Skills

This is a list of software or platforms I've used extensively for side projects or prior work, but generally I am swift at picking up new technology and understanding the underlying mechanisms and philosophy.

  • Programming & Libraries
    • Expert in Python (incl. v3+) / Flask / Pyramid / SQLAlchemy
    • Proficient in Node.JS
    • Fluent in Java (incl. Java 8)
    • Familiar with Erlang/Elixir
    • Familiar with Ruby/RoR
  • Databases
    • PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB
    • ElasticSearch
  • DevOps
    • Linux
    • AWS platform (EC2, RDS, S3, Route53, OpsWorks, IAM, SES)

Rest of non-technical skills

  • Cooperation
  • Team Management
  • Leadership